Why Hydration Is Key To Healthy Skin

Why is drinking more water so important? Why am I being told I need more hydrating products in order to correct my skin concerns?

Well let’s talk about it.


You need to know these terms and what they truly mean.

Hydration – water content (the amount of water in your skin)

Moisture- water retention ( how your skin uses oils and dead skin to hold water)

For these questions to be answered you have to understand how your skin functions and what its fuel is. Your skin is made up of 64% water. Meaning the majority of your skin’s functions use water.

Desquamation, for example, is the process in which skin cells are created, shed, and replaced. This cell migration works through water from the dermis , your lower skin layer, pushing the skin cells through the upper layers and through their life cycle. When they reach  the stratum corneum, the top layer of skin that is visible, the cells have now finished their cycle and are classified as dead skin.

Also found in the top layer are dead Keratinocytes(known as corneocytes). Skin is built upon keratinocytes (keratin rich cells) which hold water in the skin and keep it moist, plump and flexible.

This top layer of dead skin and corneocytes create a 10 to 30 layer thick, moisture barrier to the world.

Your skin is like a sponge filtering water and it replenishes, heals and grows through water.

When water is depleted your skin won’t properly migrate and renew itself. Meaning you’re simply just breaking down your skin’s barrier without renewing it. In the instance of your skin barrier being broken, a multitude of problems can arise, due to the fact that your internal body is now exposed to the outside world.

UV Rays can damage deep within the skin and faster resulting in a high risk of skin cancer.

Transepidermal water loss, for example, is a natural form of water loss through the skin that  you can think of as evaporation. It is filtered and your body only allows you on average to lose 300 to 400 mL a day. However, when your moisture barrier that retains that water is broken you begin to lose much much more. And when the weather changes , your skin now follows.

When your skin is like a sponge filtering water to replenish, heal and grow. When there isn’t enough water nothing moves, grows, or replenishes. Your skin becomes dry, damaged, you can even notice wrinkles and fine lines or like stated before even cancers.

Drinking water and involving hydration into your skincare routine is crucial for healthy skin and proper skin function.