The Healthy Nap

Our luxurious Sauna Room is a true tranquil, meditative, healing experience. Our sauna bed uses far infrared heat that sinks into your skin rather than heating the air. The infrared pad you lay on conforms to your body and heats up releasing all unwanted tension. Inside, the dome heats up as well providing a gentle, radiant heat and begins the detox process.  Meanwhile, chromotherapy’s subtle energy stimulates and produces various therapeutic biochemical benefits throughout the body based on your choice of color. Plus all the linens inside our solo sauna are infused with Celliant, which works to capture body heat and convert it into infrared energy to reflect it back inside the body. When you leave our infrared sauna you will feel energized and renewed and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Our Luxury Facials


15 MIN.

(Required for first session)

Far Infrared is absorbed through the skin and works at a cellular level rather than warming the air so it’s good to allow your body to get adjusted to it.



30 MIN.

30 minutes or higher in a far infrared sauna will raise your core body temperature by 3° (This provides ultimate results and benefits)



45 MIN.

The far infrared sauna will raise your core body temperature by 3° (This provides ultimate results and benefits)


Monthly Unlimited Sauna Membership


Enjoy unlimited infrared sauna sessions ALL month long, including all Levels 1-3, here at Identity Skin Spa in Canfield, Ohio. These visits still need to be booked appointments.

Our Sauna Benefits


Eliminates toxic heavy metals, drug residues and hormone disruptors. It also helps with lymphatic drainage and supports the body’s detox systems.

Weight Loss

Increasing core body temperature can increase circulation similar to cardio exercise, stimulate metabolism and help eliminate toxins that cause fat storage.

Heart Health

Sunlighten’s far infrared technology has been clinically proven to temporarily reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


The skin’s appearance improves with regular use as pores open from the deeper sweat induced by our far infrared light therapy.


You’ll experience a pure form of relaxation and stress-reduction. Balancing of cortisol levels, relaxing muscles and relieving tension.


Improve your sleep. Supports relaxation and a healthy circadian rhythm.


The natural preventive properties of Sunlighten’s patented heating technology helps your cell health and overall immunity.

Choose your desired music, audiobook, or podcast
for your session

Choose your chromotherapy

Water and towels included

Common Questions

A form of invisible light, specifically furthest away from visible light on the spectrum,  that is absorbed at a cellular level and provides healing. Our sauna is the only far infrared sauna clinically proven to raise your core body temperature by 3° bringing you benefits on a cellular level.

Yes, we provide you with the necessary 8 oz. water to prepare your body for the core body temperature increase while the sauna preheats and 16oz. of water after your session to rehydrate.

Just You! We provide the water, towels, music speakers, etc.

Everyone sweats differently. You may not sweat during your first few sessions and that’s okay because the work is still happening.

Nope. If you would like to wear clothes you can, but unlike a traditional sauna, infrared doesn’t use convection heat that can lead to risk of burning so it is 100% safe. Plus the privacy curtain keeps you modest even when we check in with you to make sure the heat is okay or tell you the session is over.

Yes! Sunlight is 52-55% infrared and it’s the portion of light that does not cause damage such as sunburns, etc., but rather is the portion that provides the sun’s healing benefits. So it’s way better to lay in here than outside on a beach towel.

Our solo sauna is a smaller sauna unit designed to be compact and provide you with a higher concentration of far infrared therapy. To be specific the dimensions are 69″ x 28″ x 18“.