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Youngstown Ohio Organic Facials and Skin Services

All Identity Skin Spa’s organic facials are fully customized to your skin concerns through detailed analysis and consultation. We then finish your treatment with an advised At Home Care plan. We strive to teach you on how to maintain your skin’s overall health to restore your naturally beautiful skin and bring out your self confidence without the need of a filter’s.

1 Hour Customized Facial


This inclusive, organic facial is designed to spoil you and your skin. It includes a double cleanse with a detoxing steam session (extractions if needed), organic stimulating treatments and masks that will be massaged into the skin, leading into your full upper body massage and stretches including the scalp, gua sha sculpting, hot towels, high frequency, ice globes, serums, facial oils, eye and lip treatment, and SPF/ moisturizer.

~Pretty much every way we can spoil you in an hour ~

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Customized Dermaplane Facial


This inclusive, organic facial is the one hour custom facial but… it spoils you even more by also including dermaplane.

Dermaplane is an effective, painless, and safe exfoliation procedure. It uses a sterile surgical blade to slough off excess dead skin and peach fuzz hairs.

2 Hour Customized Facial


This is our most relaxing and luxurious facial. This all inclusive, organic facial includes all the perks and benefits we offer. It includes a double cleanse with a detoxing steam session (extractions if needed) + dermaplane + organic stimulating peels + treatments + masks that will be massaged into the skin + leading into your full hot stone upper body massage and stretching to release any unwanted tension + high frequency scalp massage + in depth gua sha facial sculpting + hot towels + high frequency + ice globes + finishing products (serums, facial oils, eye and lip treatment, and SPF/ moisturizer)

~Ultimate Spoiling Session

Organic Teen Facial (18 and Under)


This luxurious Eminence Organic treatment is perfectly catered for young skin and the common concerns you may face. This facial treatment will send you into a deep state of relaxation through pore detox steam sessions, aromatherapy and hot towel treatments, high frequency, double cleanse, organics masks, serums and oils and acupressure methods. Sessions will include gua sha massage, and end with a calming ice globe treatment. The session will also provide you with a relaxing upper body massage including the scalp.

Consultation - In Person or Virtual


Not sure what you want or need? This 30 minute appointment allows us to perform an in depth consultation to create a Custom Treatment Plan as well as a tailored At Home Care Plan to make your ultimate skin goals a reality. 

***Virtual clients will receive an invitation after booking***

The Facial Experience



At Identity Skin Spa we begin your treatment by designing a treatment plan geared towards your concerns and accommodating of your lifestyle.

Through a comprehensive consultation we learn about your skin, products you are using, skin concerns, nutrition, hormonal irregularities, and lifestyle. We use this information to fully customize your treatment and At Home Care plan. We cover the conversation of budget, schedule and concerns as we provide product recommendations for you at home.

 Please come with plenty of questions, detailed information about the products you’re using including hair care, body care, detergents, and any medications you’re currently on to achieve the best results possible out of this service.



We then bring you to the treatment room where you will cozy up on our heated massage bed. We will do a physical consultation by examining the skin to determine the root cause of your skin’s symptoms. Then the lights go off and while you drift asleep and relax I begin working my skincare magic. 

It’s important to know that this time is for you and only you. If you need to vent, then vent. If you want to chat, then let’s chat. If you need to cry, then cry. And if you want to rest, then rest. All emotions are welcome and this is a judgment free zone. My goal is to provide you with a safe place to rest and receive proper wellness. I know what it is like to sometimes want to drift away from reality and just feel like you can “breathe”. And here at Identity Skin Spa you can.


Treatment Plan + At Home Care

After the treatment is finished, we go over your treatment plan moving forward as well as discuss at home care. Home care is 80% of what your skin needs and we take the time to discuss and go over a plan to make your home care fit your lifestyle. We cover the conversation of budget, schedule and concerns as we provide product recommendations for at home. Your treatment plan, before/afters and home care recommendations will be sent over email 24- 48 hours after treatment. This makes it easy for you to track your progress along with me and purchase products in the future.



During checkout we will send you home with product samples, water, and any other goodies that you may find on our shelves. We also will get you on a scheduled routine and pre-book your next appointment(s) so we can guarantee you your desired time and treatment.

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