Massage therapy

Poland Ohio Massage Therapy

At Identity Skin Spa our all inclusive relaxation massages are completely customized to your body’s concerns. Our massages are customized to fit your needs through methods of desired pressure, technique, deep stretching, and can even include hot and cold stones to provide you with the relief and relaxation you are looking for. We strive to release any unwanted tension you may be facing and to ultimately bring you to a state of relaxation.

30 Minute Relaxation Massage


**Perfect if you are wanting to focus on one area of concern**

60 Minute Relaxation Massage


90 Minute Relaxation Massage


What To Expect

Indulge yourself within a cozy, aromatherapy oasis focused on releasing any and all unwanted tension. This ultimate stress relief massage focuses on all matters from daily stress, anxiety, or sore muscles, fully customized for you. 

Our Massages Include

Weighted Blankets

Helps comfort and ease anxiety

Hot Towels

Provided as a hand treatment

Deep Stretching

Deep Stretching allows for more muscle release and joint movement providing ultimate relief and relaxation

Acupressure Scalp Treatment

Accupressure for the scalp relieves any and all scalp tension and aids in symptoms of headaches

Cold Stone Therapy

Cold Stone Therapy aids the mind to let go of anxiety and trauma as well as reducing inflammation, bloating, ease sinus congestion and boost circulation

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy is designed to reduce stress, aching body muscles, and allow more detailed work in releasing deeper tension

Common Questions

Depending on the specifics of tension and want for relaxation its recommended every 2 to 4 weeks

Just drink lots of water (it is provided) and rest

For treatment purposes it would be a good idea to get a massage prior to a chiropractic visit, after a sauna session or intense workout. For relaxation purposes, whatever time suits you, but most prefer early mornings or evenings.