Meet The Team

Savannah Carroll

Savannah Carroll is an Ohio Licensed Cosmetologist focused in Esthetics. She  founded Identity Skin Spa in June of 2021. She felt that the holistic approach to skin health and wellness was being dismissed by the increase of the medicinal approach. She discovered in her studies there were safer and more effective results with an Holistic, Organic approach and made it her life mission to provide this approach with her community. 

“I have always been an organic beauty enthusiast, especially as I grew to know and love Christ. Poor skin health can lead to a variety of misleading insecurities making it hard for self- love.”

 At Identity Skin Spa she works one on one with her clients to educate and correct poor skin health decisions to get you feeling healthy and embracing your natural beauty again. Her partnership with Eminence Organic Skincare means offering clients with the World’s Best Voted Organic Skincare line and a variety of organic, cruelty free skincare collections. We are proud to provide Eminence Organic skincare to Poland, Ohio and surrounding areas, bringing organic and result driven skincare into focus.