Oncology Esthetics

Ohio's Best Oncology - Trained Esthetician

At Identity Skin Spa we provide the most advanced and up to date cancer focused esthetic treatments. Based on our in depth oncology esthetics training we are able to help ease symptoms and skin side effects of cancer treatment and are able to make modifications to technique and skin care ingredients to give our current and post cancer patients safe and effective treatments.

Blissful Escape Facial (Oncology Safe) 90 Minutes

Starting at $ 60

When going through or coming out of cancer treatment we notice that it takes a major toll on our skin. With this luxurious Eminence Organic treatment we fully customize your entire experience to target your specific concerns while undergoing cancer treatment. We look to provide healing and protection to your skin to protect your overall health and comfort. This organic, oncology safe facial treatment will send you into a deep state of relaxation through oxygen spray sessions, towel treatments, double cleanse, organic masks and peels, serums and oils and stress relief massage methods. Sessions can even possibly include depending on current cancer treatment;  jade rolling, Gua Sha massage, and calming ice globe treatments. The session will also provide you with a relaxing upper body massage including the scalp.  Truly a Blissful Escape~

Blissful Escape Massage (Oncology Safe) 1 hour

Starting at $ 60

Indulge yourself within a cozy, blissful oasis focused on releasing any and all unwanted stress and tension. While undergoing cancer treatment there can be a lot of emotions and very few are stress relieving. This ultimate stress relief massage focuses on your current daily stress and anxiety and is fully customized to your current needs and ability. With the proper provider you are able to receive a massage without the worry of any harm. And here at Identity Skin Spa you can truly escape. For an hour, we will treat your muscles and your skin to a luxurious relaxation massage. We also include aid in wound healing, meditation, breathing exercises, and stretching as well to truly provide you with the most relief possible.

Consultation - In Person or Virtual

Starting at $30

Our in depth consultations can be performed virtually meaning no matter your condition we are able to provide you with safe and effective treatment for your cancer-related side effects.  We will also design a Custom Treatment Plan as well as a tailored At Home Care Plan to provide you with relief. 

***Virtual clients will receive an invitation after booking**

Relaxing Atmosphere

Our relaxing and meditative atmosphere is perfect for those feeling the fatigue of their cancer treatments. We create an escape and one that works for you. We understand there are a lot of emotions during this time and ALL emotions are welcome in these doors.

Health & Sanitation

We take our patient’s safety very seriously and our conscious daily health practices are focused on our cancer patient’s high risk of infection. This includes proper air purification, in- depth sanitization and cleansing between clients, the wearing of gloves and if requested by the patient, we will wear masks.

Valuable Support

We will also provide a range of networking connections such as wig fittings, makeup,  house cleanings, nutrition, dermatology, cancer centers, hospitals,and many more.  We also have information for your loved ones that you can provide to them so they know how to properly be there and support you through this time.

Appointment Reminders

We also make sure to set up appointment reminders whether it’s through text, email, or by phone to help with any potential brain fog that might occur due to medication to make sure you get the day of relaxation you have been looking forward to.

Best Skin Care Products

We carry the best skincare products for our cancer patients. Eminence Organics provide a long list of Oncology Safe products, whereas most companies just have a few. We take pride in our work with Eminence Organics and we cannot wait to provide you with a luxurious service that you can feel good about.

Who We Help

We provide relief for current and previous Oncology patients dealing with cancer. We provide this through easing cancer symptoms and cancer skin reactions and improving the patient’s sense of well-being. We help clients cope with their cancer diagnosis, their cancer treatment, and the side effects associated with their cancer treatment.

What is Cancer Surgery

The removal of a tumor and surrounding tissue during an operation. This is used in cases of biopsy, cure and control cases, breast reconstruction, and preventive/ prophylactic measures.

The Cancer Surgery Related Side Effects we can help with

We can help with Wound healing/ scars from cancer surgery incision sites, sometimes we find that they take longer to heal and we are able to help speed up the process and help them heal beautifully.

We can still perform a facial and a massage if our cancer patients have Lymphedema through  modification and technique

If you have had lymph nodes surgically removed you are at risk of Lymphedema. We are trained to prevent lymphedema and we’re still able to perform facial and massage treatments.

 We also make technique adjustments when dealing with Medical Devices (CVCs, CVADs, Ports, etc.) incision sites, and  blood thinners.

We strive to create a safe atmosphere and prevent infection risk by deep cleaning treatment rooms and common spaces between clients and also wearing gloves for our oncology client’s safety.

What is Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy is designed to destroy DNA and kill cancer cells. Radiation Therapy treats and targets specifically the tumor.

The Cancer Radiation Therapy Related Side Effects we can help with

Radiation Dermatitis can be seen as reddening or in more severe cases wet/ dry blistering and sores. In most cases we are able to provide products that will reduce discomfort, protection and intense, proper hydration. 

We are able to treat Hyperpigmentation/ Vitiligo caused by radiation. We offer coverup and corrective treatments that are chosen based on where you’re at in your cancer treatment. 

We can still perform a facial and a massage if our cancer patients have Lymphedema or Fibrosis through modification and technique.

If you are undergoing Radiation Therapy you are at risk for Lymphedema. We are trained to prevent lymphedema and we’re still able to perform facial and massage treatments.

What is Anti-Cancer Drug Therapy

Otherwise known as Chemotherapy, are a group of drugs that treat the entire body, and kill cancer cells.

The Anti-Cancer Drug Therapy (Chemo) Side Effects we can help with

We can treat patients suffering from Xerosis, which is thin and very dry, flakey skin. As well as Scalp Dryness and Irritation, Pruritus (Itching), and any concerns with Sensitivity, Redness or Irritated skin. We make sure to provide products that provide soothing relief, proper hydration and protection. We also offer a makeup session for our clients at the end of their treatment to help them camouflage any unwanted redness/ discoloration. 

With our proper training we are also able to avoid issues such as dermal toxicity from occurring as well as educate our clients on how to do the same at home. If you or a loved one are currently struggling with Dermal Toxicity, we can teach you proper At Home healing methods to provide relief. 

We also can treat Cancer- related Acne and rashes through providing the proper calming and protective relief your skin needs at this time. 

We can treat Hyperpigmentation/ Vitiligo , which is where you may have dark spots located at chemo administration sites. We perform this particular treatment in phases based on where you’re at with your current cancer treatment. 
Even in cases of Mucositis, a condition presenting painful inflammation and ulceration of mucous membranes, we are able to provide relief and healing. And we can still provide you with massage and facial treatments by making specific technique adjustments. 

We provide the proper technique adjustments when dealing with Medical Devices (CVCs, CVADs, Ports, etc.), Anemia (low red blood cells), Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), Dermal Toxicity, etc.

Our treatment beds are also designed to provide proper elevation and support when needed.

We also prevent infection risk by deep cleaning treatment rooms and common spaces between clients and also wearing gloves for our oncology client’s safety.