Identity Skin Spa was on WFMJ for becoming one of Ohio’s first Oncology Esthetic Spas

Identity Skin Spa officially announced their expansion into Oncology Esthetics on Monday September 26, 2022. Identity Skin Spa celebrated with the community  by having a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and an Open House to showcase the work they will be now providing.

Identity Skin Spa is one of the of the first Oncology Esthetic Spas in Ohio and in the Youngstown valley. Along with this title Savannah Carroll, the owner, of Identity Skin Spa has also just became one of Ohio’s first Oncology Trained Estheticians. 

Savannah states,

“Oncology Esthetics provides current and previous cancer patients with the ability to now have an option for their oncology treatment- related skin reactions. As well as the ability to safely enjoy a facial or massage treatment at their local Youngstown spa.”

She discovered Oncology Esthetics randomly while reading a skincare professionals magazine and what she discovered changed her company’s mission forever. Savannah stated, “I have had multiple family members undergo cancer treatment and I have seen firsthand the skin reactions that came as a result to their treatments. They were always told that there was no solution to these skin reactions and it was simply part of the process. And it turns out, there is a solution after all.”

Savannah immediately began her training and now owns one of Ohio’s first Oncology Esthetic Spas. She plans to continue to expand her work’s presence by educating cancer centers, foundations and the cancer community.

“I never want another cancer patient in Ohio to ever again have to feel like there is no hope when it comes to their skin. Or even worse, quit their cancer treatments because the reactions with their skin have become intolerable.”

Identity Skin Spa was founded on the vision of combining proper wellness and relaxation. Savannah felt that she always had to make a choice and in some cases a sacrifice, when it came to simply getting a spa day. 

“You always have to choose between proper skincare and relaxation and my question always was, why?”

Being able to open Identity Skin Spa’s doors to the cancer community meant being able to be a safe haven and a source of wellness to even more of the community then ever before. And they will be continuing to perform their normal day to day services that are not cancer related as well. 

This is a light for our community in an area that has been dark for way too long. And hopefully a light that will never burn out.