How to Double Cleanse your skin properly and the Importance Behind Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing is a facial cleansing technique preferred by leading Estheticians and Dermatologists for removing daily impurities and using treatment-focused cleansers. Double Cleansing provides a deep clean of your skin’s outer surface as well as within your pores. It also provides deeper penetration of treatment based cleansers such as, acne directed cleansers, meaning better results.

Your First Cleanse in the Double Cleansing process should consist of an oil-based cleanser. Oil- based cleansers attract oil and surface impurities. You can think of it as “oil attracts oil”.  An oil-based cleanser will pull the surface impurities (such as makeup, dirt, oil, and debris) from the skin’s surface.

Your Second Cleanse in the Double Cleansing Process should consist of a Treatment – Focused Cleanser. Whether its focus is  hydration, aging, acne, or another skin concern it should be involved  in your second step cleanser. By this point in the cleansing process, the majority of dirt and debris has been wiped away, meaning this cleanser can now penetrate deeper providing a deeper clean and the treatment aspect will penetrate giving you better results.

Now before you go off Double Cleansing, there are a few things you should know…

It is possible to over cleanse your face… let that sink in. So before you go double cleansing day and night and potentially stripping your skin of all its necessary oils, continue reading.

Double Cleansing is a great cleansing option for the evening due to how much your skin is exposed to during the day and don’t forget your makeup. Removing the day from your skin prior to sleeping to allow your skin to breathe is crucial to healthy skin and is also why as an Esthetician I stress removing your makeup before bed.

If you are double cleansing prior to bedtime, what would be the reason for double cleansing when you wakeup? At that point you would be stripping your skin of the natural oils it needs for proper function and would be negatively impacting your skin.

Double Cleansing should be one of your two daily cleanses and it should be performed preferably at night (or when your day is over).


Double Cleansing How To Instructions:


Step 1: Wash your hands.

Trying to clean dirt with dirt will not work… trust me.

Step 2: 1st Cleanse

Removes all the surface impurities (makeup, dirt, oil, debris) and is usually oil based

Step 3: Rise with lukewarm water

Too hot or cold will cause inflammation in your skin… keep it calming.

Step 4: 2nd Cleanse

Removes the residual impurities but also has a task (such as treating acne or minimizing pores )

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and pat skin dry

Avoid rubbing your skin for that will cause irritation and lack of firmness