Everything you Need to Know About Detox Facials

What is a Detox Facial?

 This facial treatment will consist of Eminence Organics detoxifying ingredients such as Reishi, Clay, Microgreens, Vitamin C, and birch water. This treatment will leave your skin clean from impurities leaving you with a  brighter, overall healthier glow. This session will also provide you with a relaxing upper body massage including the scalp.

What are the Benefits of a Detox Facial?

A detox facial stimulates a healthier environment for the skin and promotes the production of collagen and elastin. The detox facial treatment is fully customized to remove any waste and toxin buildup to improve the overall health of your skin and allow for better product penetration.

What to Expect During Your Detox Facial Treatment

Before your treatment begins, we will provide a skin consultation with you to determine your skin type and any special needs or concerns, including allergies and medications. Next, we will talk about your goals and plan of action for your treatment. This information is used to create a facial treatment focused on detoxing and balancing your skin. 

We ask that you remove any clothing from the waist up (don’t worry, you’ll be covered up on the spa bedding) and take off any  jewelry.

Your treatment will include a deep cleansing and exfoliation and a pore detox steam session. If needed, we will use ultrasonic methods and extractions. Then, while you relax with a masque or peel application, we indulge you in an Gua Sha lymphatic drainage facial massage and an upper body massage including the scalp, relieving any stress and tension you may be carrying. 

Your customized treatment will also use a combination of other Eminence Organic skincare products including award winning masks and peels, serums, oils and moisturizers. We also provide hot towel treatments, jade rolling, acupressure methods, and high frequency to draw out toxins and replenish skin with vitamins and minerals, and of course a soothing ice globe treatment to reduce any irritation and puffiness within your skin.

 Take a day and refresh your skin at Identity Skin Spa in Poland, Ohio.