Everything You Need To Know About Acne Facials

This was the result of the first session of the Acne Facial Program

Why should you get professional treatment for Acne?

Acne forms when oil and toxins build up and create a clog in our pores. The reason for this occurrence can be many different things and so can the treatment. In the United States alone 80% of people don’t know how to properly care for their skin. The reason for acne production could be related to diet, environmental factors, excessively dry or oily skin, or hormones. Coming in for a professional facial treatment means learning what your individual skin needs are. At Identity Skin Spa we have an arrangement of Eminence Organic products designed to fit your individual needs. Every person’s skin is different and no two faces are the same.

What are the Benefits to an Acne Facial?

Acne Facials focus on the treatment of existing acne, acne prevention as well as acne scarring. Professional sessions work best followed up with your Esthetician’s At Home Care Plan designed for you during your first session. Acne can be caused by environmental stressors, hormones, dehydrated skin, oily skin, food, and stress. In targeting your acne triggers, we can correct and educate you on how to maintain balance in your skin. 

What makes our Acne Facial the best?

At Identity Skin Spa, our acne facial program is designed through in depth consultations and skin analysis to customize a Professional Treatment plan as well as an At Home Care Plan to correct acne based concerns. The stigma on acne in our media leads many who struggle with acne to struggle with insecurity and depression. There are so many products out there stating to clear acne, but most result in dehydration of the skin, excess oil, and even scarring. And this makes it hard to trust someone or a brand with your acne due to the fear of even more insecurities than before. So lets walk you through how Identity Skin Spa does things differently.

What to Expect During the Acne Facial Program

Before your treatment begins, we will provide an in depth skin consultation and skin analysis. During this consultation we will discuss your skin type and any special needs or concerns, including allergies and medications. Next, we will talk about your personal goals for your treatment and we will devise together the plan of action that we will take forward. This information will be used to design a comfortable and fully customized Professional Treatment plan as well as an At Home Care Plan to correct your acne based concerns.

We will ask that you remove any clothing from the waist up (don’t worry, you’ll be covered up on the spa bedding) and take off any jewelry.

Your treatment will include a deep cleansing and exfoliation and a pore detox steam session. The acne facial also involves physical and ultrasonic extractions, high frequency, detoxifying ingredients, professional grade organic peels, antibacterial treatments as well as scar reduction products. Your sessions will also include soothing, anti-inflammation ice globe treatments and provide you with a relaxing upper body and scalp massage including lymphatic drainage techniques. 

Our program is designed for you to have a minimum of one Professional Acne Treatment a month and to follow this treatment up with your At Home Care Plan daily. The At Home Care Plan will focus on balancing and restoring your skin in the ways it needs to heal based on your concerns. Your At Home Care and your consistency will have the biggest impact on your results. Your monthly Professional sessions have the focus of corrective care such as chemical peels, extractions and Dermaplaning. These sessions will work as a boost towards your at home care routine as well as a check in for your skin.

During your follow up sessions, we make it a focus to check in with you to make sure you are liking the products and are comfortable with the way your treatment plan is going. Everyone’s skin is different resulting in the need of possible revisions to bring healing to your skin in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable to you. Our desire is for you to love your Eminence products and make your skincare routine the highlight of your day. We are fully focused on your comfortability, mental health, and the health of your skin through this treatment program.

So take a day and escape into our cozy spa atmosphere and begin the journey to healing your skin.